A-Set’ Project develops, implements, and maintains IT, education, healthcare, TV, movie making, trade, and service projects.


A-Set’ Project is happy to provide to its committed partners engineering and consulting services in the fields in which A-Set’ Project experts have proper background, in particular:

  • Development and practical application of the latest information technologies;
  • Creation of databases, websites, and information systems;
  • Introduction of distance learning, adaptation and launch of educational programs;
  • Organization of media operations; consulting services for media registration and licensing as well as broadcasting;
  • Organization of TV and radio production and broadcasts;
  • Accounting, organizational design, and CRM;
  • Organization of phone and other communication systems;
  • Professional translation services;
  • Production and placement of all advert types; PR and promo activities;
  • Security: information, organizational, physical;
  • Any combinations of the above.

Acquisition of a turnkey project

An investor may acquire a complete set of valid documents for any turnkey project and may be sure that A-Set’ Project will closely follow up, if necessary.

Project price: approximate project prices are given in the respective project descriptions.

Shared basis participation

An investor may discuss with A-Set’ Project a shared basis participation in any turnkey projects or offer partnership. In any case, A-Set’ Project will provide well-grounded evaluation and advice regarding any partner’s undertaking.

Contact Specialists:

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Please make your request, and A-Set’ Project experts will be enthusiastic to discuss relevant forms of collaboration.

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